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To advertise a hotel and market any new apartment, B&B, chalet and to advertise hotels on NeveFest hotel marketing website, please complete the following hotelier’s details to introduce the accommodation to NeveFest; kindly ensuring complete accuracy. As a NeveFest Accommodation Manager on the NeveFest hotel marketing website, your details should be already present in the bottom three fields. Please ensure these are correct as these form part of the introductory email inviting the hotel on NeveFest and is how the client will contact you with any questions or comments:



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    • Be sure to write down exactly the point you reached in Google (or bookmark the next page) in taking any break from entering data whilst searching out accommodation email names and addresses – nothing makes you look as bad and lose a sale like sending a “supposedly personalised” IDENTICAL email to the same person TWICE – this will definitely lose you any sale.
    • Be friendly, always present NeveFest in the “happiest light possible” and SMILE whilst talking to NeveFest clients – people can see down telephones!

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