Why Invest with NeveFest?

  • NeveFest Music Festival Flyer Page 1Ski & Snowboard Holidays which incorporate their own music festival running at different resorts throughout the ski season.
  • Music and entertainment events running at various venues throughout lunchtime, evening and night-time sessions.
  • Music genres to suit everyone creating a fantastic environment.
  • Additionally, quizzes, bingo, comedians, magicians, children’s performers, wellness programs, tours and sightseeing and a range of other entertainments will be provided to make NeveFest an entirely family affair suiting all generations.

How do we know it will work?

In recent years there has been a large increase in music-based attractions in mountain resorts, but these have mostly been one-off annual events or small events organized by an individual bar. This is where we are different; we will bring life to the party every single day and create a “must have” environment which will have visitors coming back year after year.

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