Great earning potential as an Investment and Sponsorship Qualifier

Bright and motivated individuals to wanting to earn very lucrative commissionsNeveFest Ltd is searching for young, bright and motivated individuals who want to earn lucrative commissions as Investment and Sponsorship Qualifiers. You’ll be finding and qualifying people in your area and social circle who are interested in our business.  You will ask them to sign our non-disclosure agreement, and we will contact them about investing in NeveFest.

You’ll report directly to NeveFest’s Director in charge of inward investment.

We’re looking for switched-on and motivated individuals to find the right people in their area. These are likely to be business or high-value property owners. No qualifications are required, just the initiative to identify them, record their contact details into our Customer Relationship Management system and invite them to view our Ski, Snowboard Holidays with a Music Festival Investment pages. We’ll provide an email template, resources and training.

There are lots of ways to find these people: business registers, property sale details, hand-delivered flyers to suitable properties, etc.

If your contact views our investment video presentation and completes our non-disclosure agreement, our Investment Director will contact you and take over the sales process from you. He’ll keep you informed of progress. If the result is an investment you will be rewarded immediately with 3% of the total investment amount.

NeveFest is only interested in genuine responses from people who want to invest in a new and exciting business. All contacts will be discreet and sensitive. We will not spam or mail-shot.

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