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We are shortly to announce a completely new Italian ski and snowboard holiday concept and experience delivering at least 12 music events across week-long holiday in up to 14 locations per ski season. Designed with a distinctive British and north European taste in music and apres-ski.

Aiming to attract the maximum number of “entertainment hungry guests” from north European nations such as the UK, Ireland, France, Belguim, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany to enjoy some of the Alps’ most cost-effective, yet hugely ski-able resorts. We provide completely affordable skiing and snowboarding holiday packages alongside a choice of unsurpassable music events, food & drink choices and ski/snowboard tuition and service. This ensures you gain the most from your holiday – which is completely designed around you!

We will provide:

  • A choice of multiple leading music events; every single day of your holiday!
  • An unmatched range of accommodations, to suit all budgets.
  • A choice of French or Italian and north European dishes for all tastes – use our famous 10% Discount Card at all our event locations.
  • A top level of qualified, licensed and insured ski and snowboard tuition and coaching. Our instructors speak your language and provide unbeatable tuition from the complete novice to leading European FIS competitors and professional athletes – improve your skiing or snowboarding with the best coaches in Europe!
  • Quality ski hire and snowboard hire services in all resorts.

“A completely unmatched ski/snowboard/music holiday events concept, alongside the top level of customer service. Great idea!”

Please take two minutes to tell us a little more about yourself, enabling us to better and more fully understand our guest’s needs. We thank you for your time:

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Password must be at least 7 characters long.

Please spend a few minutes telling us a bit more about yourself so we can get to know you and your needs a little better; to provide you with a better service, send you our free brochure and immediately tell you as we announce our leading events dates and locations.

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Throughout the year we hand out information regarding the best skiing and snowboarding resorts, our Music Festival and activity events, secret spots at some of the world's leading surf destinations, skateboarding skills and instructional qualification courses (staying in delightful B&B location's with vineyard views alongside end-of-day aperitivo's and wine tasting), our Downhill MTB courses with National Champions, Motocross & Enduro in the biggest Alpine valley of Italy - just to name a few. The adreniline and excitement really does go, on and on!

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Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.

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