Surfing in Croyde Bay in North DevonWhen you go into Croyde Bay, go passed The Thatch and Billy Budds pubs and cross the small stream. Where the road hangs hard right and you turn left to go to the beach – directly in front of you is a thatched cottage (B&B) with a driveway to the right of it. Pull in there and knock the back door – secret campsite. Few tents on his hill and he only used to charge £3 a head per night, 1/2 price for kids (probs a fiver now). Massively cheaper than any other place in Croyde anyway. The bloke is called “Bob”. There is only one bathroom and sometimes queues but there is an outdoor toilet opposite through the brick and to the right. The place is frequented by the more knowledgable Devon and a few of the better travelling surfers!
From there, you can leave the car. By foot with your surfboard (even barefoot), come out of there, back towards the pubs and turn right just before Billy Budds (the yellow one) – there is a footpath there (soft sandy one so you don’t need shoes/flip flops etc) for about 300m direct to the beach (south end and to the left of the rip) – use the rip to get out back and in the line to the right of it. Best wave!!! Happy surfing!

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