Advertising your hotel rooms & featured accommodations. Advertise hotel publicity

From: £130.00 / year

Advertising your hotel rooms within the Featured Accommodation Slider on our resort and hotel advertising pages. Advertise your hotel publicity at the top of your Extreme Sports holidays resort page on the NeveFest website. This obviously generates more click through’s for you advertising accommodation. And a greater quantity of bookings and reservations of your apartment, B&B, Chalet or Hotel publicity. Advertise your hotel well “over and above” those simply listed on our resort advertising pages and their interactive maps. Our yearly fee (depending on hotel property size) is easily recuperated within the first week-long reservation your establishment receives for each room and then there are no hidden charges.

No commissions.

Note: Do not worry if you do not see your location/resort listed on our website to advertise hotel rooms – it soon will be if you purchase this featured Hotel advertising product! There are great advantages to being the first featuring your hotel, chalet, B&B or apartment rental for your resort location.



Advertising your hotel rooms on one of our featured hotel accommodation resort advertising pages and benefit from a scrolling hotel listing entry with an image which displays at the top of your respective resort page.

These hotel advertising listings are typically noticed, clicked and booked prior to people browsing our normal Hotel Publicity and clicking on the interactive map on each resort page advertising accommodation, resulting in more accommodation bookings and reservations through the NeveFest website. Featured Apartments, chalets, B&B’s and hotels also benefit by being first occupied by NeveFest Extreme Sports Holidays when they bring their music event to your ski resort (at the same commission rates as

NeveFest charges a one-off modest annual fee for advertising your hotel: to maintain your featured listing. The fee should be easily recuperated within the first week-long holiday reservation for each room of your establishment advertising accommodation, that your Apartment, B&B, Chalet or Hotel advertising gains through your respective resorts page on the NeveFest website.

All Featured Accommodation and Hotel Publicity listings must be featured on as NeveFest partner with them for hotel room reservations and bookings – so NeveFest visitors can check availability and book your advertised hotel accommodation directly and immediately. If you are not yet listing on then please click here to set up your Apartment, B&B, Chalet and advertise your Hotel property.

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