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Extreme Sports holidays & music festival company, NeveFest Limited, is based and registered in the United Kingdom and provides the very best levels of hugely reputable sports instruction alongside our adventure activity holidays.

Huge investment and time have gone into our web presence and our website is top of Google from millions, even billions – try “advertise hotel”, “advertise hotel rooms”, “Advertising your hotel rooms” and “Advertising your hotel”; these are alongside the worlds leading hotel booking websites such as Booking.com and Airbnb. Then you can go into “extreme ski holidays”, “extreme snowboard holidays”, “extreme sports holidays” and even “extreme sports website”. That should give you a fair indication of the volumes of Google traffic and that from our event publicity; we can send to you.

Although we started out in the ski & snowboard holidays industry, we are now moving into all Extreme Sports and this year have added Italy’s leading Skateboard School and founder/director of their instructional qualifications, a leading Surf School in Bali lead by one of the worlds greatest surfers, Enduro/MotoCross lead by an ex Italian champion and World Championship rider and Downhill MTB instruction from an ex Italian and Polish champion and World Championship rider.

We are always in talks and negotiations with new possibilities that match our elite-level instruction criteria and we are currently in negations with some of the worlds greatest wing-suiters, base-jumpers and other high-visibility brand names in the southern hemisphere surf industry. We have also got our foot in the door immediately with the Milan/Cortina Winter Olympic Games 2026 bid committee and will be resuming talks with their newly appointed management committee in the New Year, regarding being the first and leading English language provider of holidays and accommodations across all the more Extreme of the games resort venues. I will be visiting and adding these locations to our website this winter season.

We have also created and launched a new sportswear brand of high-performance clothing to support our brand name, and this can be found on our website.

For the further marketing of NeveFest products and services, we are shortly to be launching a sister company Sports Marketing Academy Limited (also based and registered in the UK), that will eventually sell a 2-year “Diploma in Sports Marketing” – the advent and initial creation of this can be found at http://www.smarter.com

I apologise for the long introduction and will come to the point. As soon as possible, we are looking to add a small series of music events to our holiday portfolio and “package up” some holidays selling everything any customer in any sport could wish for, as a further attraction for new clients and to further market NeveFest and its partners. It is now our goal to deploy this as soon as possible and we are looking this winter to around the ski resorts where we already have pre-negotiated deals with relevant infrastructure including hotels, airport transfer and hire car companies, ski pass offices, ski and snowboard instructors, ski-hire shops and resort/mountainside/bar/nightclub event venues across a range of ski resort in France, Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia. Next summer we will also extend the music element to our summer sports and run packaged holidays in those sports.

Initially, we want to start small yet very professional. For example for our ski and snowboard packaged holidays this would involve professionally prerecorded and industry-suited music from a branded blow-up dome tent outside of daily changing mountainside bars and restaurants at lunchtimes and early afternoons, moving to daily changing apres-ski bars at slope bottoms and then into the resort nightclubs on an evening and into the night. For this, we have already selected DJ’s and artists from around the world that are prepared (for a small fee) to record us pre-recorded sets to suit our audience and time of day.

We have already invested in top-level DJ equipment including laptops, Rekordbox software, Pioneer DDJ equipment and are now looking for investment or joint co-branded marketing partners to provide:

  • Suitable active powered sub-bass PA system suitable for both indoor and powerful mobile outside use with outdoor electrical peripherals. The PA system can be co-branded with NeveFest and supporting sponsor/partners company name.
  • NeveFest branded black inflatable and mobile dome tent suitable for mountainside use. With small living accommodations for say 2/3 people that would suit sub-zero winter and summer climates. This tent must also house a standard sized DJ booth, equipment and the PA speaker system and be open-sided by day and entirely closed by night. The tent will be completely high-visibility branded with both the NeveFest logo and the www.NeveFest.com web URL displaying in 360 degrees. We also have no objection to a co-branding the tent for its sponsor to the frontal audience, for example, a smaller “NeveFest Music Events are proudly sponsored by your_company_name” with your web URL.
  • We are also after rental transportation costs for housing and securing the above for moving all of the above between resorts. Or a more affordable secondhand professionally branded black van with NeveFest logos and web URL. Ideally, this van will be supplied and converted with a secure metal cage inside for housing the above items and ideally bunks for 2/3 security staff. Again, we have no objection to a “NeveFest Music Events are proudly sponsored by your_company_name” with your web URL.
  • Cobranded marketing “feather/sail” type flags and banners to advertise NeveFest and your_company_name around all mountainside ski resort bars/restaurants, apres-ski venues and evening/nighttime event venues.

For helping us achieve the above we are open to engagement; rewarded either as an ongoing shareholder in NeveFest or on a long-term sponsor/partner agreement benefiting from ongoing publicity both as a banner advertiser (linking through to your website) on every page of the NeveFest website with its Google dominance in some very high-profile and competitive web searches (try the above examples), and in co-branding at our winter and summer music events – as a general guideline a medium-sized ski resort such as my home resort of Bardonecchia gets 10-15 thousand affluent mountain users per day. Some of the larger resorts in our portfolio such as Cervinia, Chamonix, Les Deux Alpes and Val d’Isere – significantly more!

I wanted to give you a good insight into NeveFest and how I think we can mutually gain great benefit from a partnership agreement.

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