Soundmakers are fascinated by sound. By its energy. By the effect it has on audiences and on musicians. They believe that great sound triggers emotions and makes for extraordinary experiences. Sound grips people. It makes them dance, and laugh, and sometimes even cry.

It makes them lose themselves in the moment and forget the world around them. Soundmakers make sure the world’s stages, theaters, concert halls and event venues sound better. They are the people behind good sound, the true heroes of an incredible show – whether they’re on the stage themselves or not.

Here at NeveFest, we deliver professional and innovative products for musicians and DJ’s: a system that gives them the easiest way to the best sound. But it’s way more than that. We give them a stage, and a home.

The Linear 5 series is NeveFests largest powered PA system – the Big Venue Pack comes with everything you need to entertain large audiences. It consists of two 15″ mid/ high units, four mighty L-SUB 2000 subwoofers and matching accessories.

This system’s dynamic response is nothing short of remarkable; it delivers the goods for the most demanding sound reinforcement applications and audiences.

We simply set the mid/high units, Gain/EQ switch and the subwoofers configuration switch – and that’s all it takes to voice the system as we move it about the resort and mountain venues. The integrated controller’s presets do the rest.

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