Potential Investors One-way Non-Disclosure Agreement:

NeveFest - Ski, Snowboard and Music Festival Holidays

Please sign this NDA and we will contact you with a detailed investor’s pack

Dear Investor,

Between YOU (the Recipient) accepting these conditions and NeveFest Ltd, a company registered in England under company numberĀ 11250813 whose registered office is at NeveFest Limited, Manor Barn, Cufaude Lane, Bramley, Hampshire, United Kingdom. RG26 5DN, England (the Discloser):

  1. The Discloser (NeveFest Ltd – extreme sports, ski, snowboard, music festival company/business) intends to disclose investor information Investment Memorandum detail to the Recipient (YOU) looking to invest, for the purpose of completing due diligence and understanding the proposal of the business, either for investing in or working for the Discloser. (the Purpose).
  1. The Recipient undertakes not to copy, distribute, share orĀ use the concept or any part thereof or any of this Confidential Information, for any other purpose except the Purpose, without first obtaining the written agreement of the Discloser. The recipient discloses now that he/she is a friend or associate of the NeveFest Directors (or their directly employed representatives) and is either an interested partner or a potential employee or a sophisticated investor or a person having significant disposable wealth.
  1. The Recipient undertakes to keep the Confidential Information secure and not to disclose it to any third party except to its employees and professional advisers with prior written agreement of NeveFest Ltd who need to know the same for the Purpose, who know they owe a duty of confidence to the Discloser and who are bound by obligations equivalent to those in clause 2 above and this clause 3.
  1. The undertakings in clauses 2 and 3 above apply to all of the information disclosed by the Discloser to the Recipient, regardless of the way or form in which it is disclosed or recorded but they do not apply to:

a. any information which is or in future comes into the public domain (unless as a result of the breach of this Agreement); or

b. any information which is already known to the Recipient and which was not subject to any obligation of confidence before it was disclosed to the Recipient by the Discloser.

  1. Nothing in this Agreement will prevent the Recipient from making any disclosure of the Confidential Information when required to do so by law and legal authority.
  1. The Recipient will, on request from the Discloser, return all copies and records of the Confidential Information to the Discloser and will not retain any copies or records of the Confidential Information.
  1. Neither this Agreement nor the supply of any information grants the Recipient any licence, interest or right in respect of any intellectual property rights of the Discloser except the right to copy the Confidential Information solely for the Purpose.
  1. The undertakings in clauses 2 and 3 will continue in force indefinitely from the date of this Agreement.
  1. This Agreement is governed by and is to be construed in accordance with, English law. The English Courts will have non-exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any dispute which has arisen or may arise out of, or in connection with, this Agreement.

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