How will NeveFest work

  • All ticketed event.
  • Tickets will provide discounts on purchased food & drinks at all of the participating NeveFest venues.
  • Whilst tickets will be sold as part of the overall holiday booking process, there will be the opportunity for locals and unassociated tourists to purchase singular tickets allowing access to the various event venues; if not part of the overall holiday experience.
  • Clothing & merchandise can also be purchased and will be offered as NeveFest branded street, snowboard and ski wear, alongside various branded accessories and souvenirs.

Holidays will operate from late October in the higher Val d’Aosta resorts, throughout the ski season in Val di Susa, Lombardia and the Dolomites and return to the higher resorts until late May. This will allow us to host 14 different NeveFest events per ski season.

The NeveFest website will also allow visitors to book and pay for holidays throughout the season, in weeks when there is no NeveFest event scheduled.

There are two complementary elements to the NeveFest proposition. The “Events” element will generate significant profits on its own and provides the Unique Selling Point for the “Holidays” element, which will be the most profitable.

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