FIS Rules: Test yourself on The Skiway Code

So. Skier? Snowboarder? Instructor? Piste Police?

"The Skiway Code", or for it's official name "The FIS Rules for the Conduct of Skiers"

FIS Rules: Do you reckon you are good on The Skiway Code? We beg to differ!

– 5 Multiple Choice Questions
Only 10 rules for skiers, (with extras for snowboarders and instructors)
– Test your English Language
The first thing any Skier, Snowboarder or Instructor should be taught
– FIS Rules for the Conduct of Skiers
used for civil and criminal liability in the event of accidents & injuries, virtually worldwide
– All skiers and snowboarders are obliged to be familiar with them

Are you? 2 out of 3 skiers & snowboarders in Extreme Sports DO NOT get over 40% correct from these 5 questions!

Only 2% have scored 4/5. Can you be the first to answer all five correctly? TRY NOW!

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