Musical Starstreams is operated by Tims American friend Forest in the USA and is one of the NeveFest Operational Directors “first choice offerings” of musical entertainment for relaxed sunny lunchtime sessions on the mountainside. Starstreams originated and first aired on radio in San Francisco on December 20th of 1981. For over three decades they have been offering a unique, refreshing mix of “exotic electronica” heard at one time or another on over 200 commercial USA radio stations, foreign radio stations, cable systems, satellite radio and the internet. They have continually produced top ratings with every age group, especially those aged between 25 and 54. In Top Ten USA muscial markets like Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas, they have aired on the same stations for as long as twenty plus years and they are often the highest rated program within this target age group. Forest also operates Waveform Records in America where he promotes his Exotic Electronica music .

If you’d like to add something they have played to your music collection, kindly checkout their musical offerings. Each year, respected the USA NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) speakers urge programmers to be innovative and “special,” and offer listeners something they can’t hear everywhere else. Sadly, it seldom happens and instead Starstreams get programming to the lowest common denominator. Thankfully, they have the internet and satellite radio as additional listening media.

NeveFest are proud to represent and be supported by Musical Starstreams.

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