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The NeveFest Affiliate Partner Program is where you can create customised web links to any page of our website to leave in skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, MTB, mountaineering, paragliding, surfing or wakeboarding related pages on Social Networks, blogs or forums. Posted with a couple of paragraphs of text describing the activity and your recommended reason for any visitor to “click your link” works best and will see a far greater amount of commission to you – our affiliate commissions are paid immediately and are dependent on product – they range anywhere from 2.5% to 20% per sale. Once the visitor clicks your link, they then have your tracking cookie on their device and you will be credited for any affiliate commission related purchase they then make on our website. As soon as they click your link, your referrals and subsequent purchases will show in the statistics within your own NeveFest Affiliate Partner Program Area.

Join the NeveFest Affiliate Partner Program

Although Social Networks are good for one-off posts where your links are often clicked by your friends and can generate high amounts of immediate referrals for ski and snowboard related groups and pages, Facebook posts rarely stay about long-term, soon disappear into oblivion and are hard for users to refind – best is posts and comments on Extreme Sports-related blogs and forums where your links will stand the test of time.

Make great money advertising hotels, Extreme Sports holidays & branded clothing products by joining the NeveFest Affiliate Partner Program

Extreme Sports blogs and Exteme Sports holidays blog posts, their blog commenting systems and Extreme Sport related forum posts relating to skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, MTB, mountaineering, paragliding, surfing, wakeboarding or any of our sports (or resorts) and Extreme Sports discussion forum websites – “work extremely well!”

Our featured resort accommodation product “advertising hotels” is by far the best affiliate earner, as is the NeveFest clothing range of products. Blog and forum posts and comments are published long-term for much, much longer and are also indexed and displayed in the results page of search engines, which can be manipulated with search keywords in the texts that accompany your affiliate links.

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